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How To Tell If It’s Postpartum Depression Or Burnout

How many of you feel the urge to throw your alarm clock across the room and hide under the covers in the morning? How many of you experience frustration and exhaustion at work or in your private life? Are these postpartum depression symptoms or do they rather point to burnout? Well, the answer is not as simple as we’d like ...

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Postpartum Depression – What It Is & 6 Ways To Overcome It

postpartum depression

In order to overcome postpartum depression, you first have to understand it. It has been around since the very first woman gave birth. However, despite centuries and even millennia since then, the stigma surrounding this mood disorder hasn’t lifted. Instead, it has kept a lot of unsuspecting women in ignorance. Nevertheless, the last decades managed to bring a lot of ...

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How To Overcome Postpartum Depression And Lose Baby Weight

you can overcome postpartum depression

The birth of a baby brings about a multitude of emotions. When new mommies first hold their newborn in their arms, they can go through powerful emotions such as extreme joy or extreme anxiety. All the love and worry in the world for your new precious miracle. With such emotions intertwined, postpartum depression is just a tiny step away. Motherhood ...

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