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What Is The Best Post Pregnancy Diet For Losing Baby Weight?

Having a baby will change your life and your body in ways you can’t even imagine. Nine months of growing a child though and your body will be bigger than what you’d like it to be by the time the baby is born. Clothes won’t fit right when they fit perfectly well before you became pregnant, and that can be highly distressing when your hormones are running amok. Clearly, the sooner you get on a diet after childbirth, the better. Thankfully we’ve put together the best post pregnancy diet for losing baby weight, which will have you in better shape before you know it!

Before any post pregnancy weight loss plan begins, give yourself a few weeks to get used to having a baby in the house. It’s probably healthier for you to wait until your six-week post-baby checkup. Just remember that you should never compare yourself to celebrities losing weight after having a baby. Follow this post baby diet advice and lose weight at your own pace.

The Best Post Pregnancy Diet Tips

First of all, there are some mind tricks you can play on yourself to help you lose baby weight through the food you eat. The first thing you should do is to eat only off of child-sized plates. There will seem to be more food to your eyes and that will fool your stomach into feeling fuller sooner. Secondly, try eating with your non-dominant hand since it will slow you down.

Then your stomach will have time to tell you that you’ve eaten enough. Additionally, you might consider dividing up your meals through your day. The popular weight loss after pregnancy diet, known as the 3-hour diet, is based on the well-known principle that you will not go hungry if you eat smaller portions of a balanced meal throughout the day. Learning how to cook for your metabolic type is a great way to transform any diet into a tasty experience.

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Herb omelet on white plateBreakfast should be a way to start the day off healthy, especially if you’re going on a post pregnancy diet. One way to do that is to switch to whole grain bread for your toast. In fact, a great breakfast for after pregnancy weight loss is an omelet with a piece or two of whole grain toast on the side.

Eggs help with weight loss because contain a lot of muscle-building protein and they’re delicious. Just add some Mediterranean herbs to your omelet to give it a special flavor and use a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil for cooking it. Remember to drink a glass of water before eating.

Another day you could begin with a multi-berry smoothie with a yogurt base. Even porridge is a great and healthy way to eat breakfast and still lose baby weight.


As for lunch, you probably see a lot of salads in your future, but do you have any idea about how many calories there are in a doused salad dressing? Try pouring a small bowl of the dressing that you can dip your fork in before you take up some of the salad. You’ll still get a little of the dressing but not nearly the amount that you would use normally. This will help to gradually improve your metabolism.

You can probably get away with adding some grilled chicken slices to your salad to give it a little more flavor. If you’re eating something else for lunch, try to keep any meat down to the size of your closed fist. You’ll still get plenty to eat but it won’t be too much.


Dinner is a great time to let yourself have a nice, filling meal. Grilled fish with steamed vegetables will be healthy and lean, which is great for a post pregnancy diet. The most important thing you can do is to incorporate more vegetables, so you might enjoy a nice Asian stir-fry. Finish the day with a treat of a fruit salad or yogurt parfait.

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Remember, eating a little all day will help you lose the baby weight in a healthy way. Eating a lot three times a day will not and you will only sabotage your post pregnancy diet. Experts advise that women who are nursing should not go below ingesting 1,800 calories a day and most women who have just given birth should keep close to that for normal weight loss after pregnancy.

Ladies, what are your best post pregnancy diet tips?

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