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lose baby weight in 2 months without starving yourself

How To Lose Baby Weight In 2 Months – See The Easy Diet Plan

Let’s face it – new moms are bombarded with images and stories in the media about how quickly and easy celebrities lose baby weight in 2 months and get their pre-baby body back after they’ve given birth. It can get pretty dispiriting when you’ve not managed to get out of your maternity clothes, let alone get in the clothes you wore before your pregnancy. Yet new diets and workout plans rise and fall in popularity based on how well they’ve done for celebrities. You’ve probably even asked yourself, “How can I lose the baby weight?”

It’s a struggle women all over the world have felt. You’ve spent the last nine months growing a baby inside and it seems like your body blew up like a balloon. Nothing that used to fit right at the beginning of the pregnancy fits right now. The sooner you slim down to the body you had before you became pregnant, the better. You’ll even find that the energy you get from exercising and losing all that pregnancy weight will be worth all the work! Here’s a great plan to lose baby weight in 2 months that will have you looking and feeling better than ever.

How To Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy: Feel the Burn

The first thing that new mothers should know is that gentle exercise is best in the first few weeks after giving birth. For the first six weeks, you should be focusing on gentle walks. These can last about ten to twenty minutes at one time. Your body needs to heal after giving birth and your progress will only be impeded if you do too much too soon. At six weeks post-birth, you should have a checkup appointment with your physician and they can confirm that you’re up to the increased physical activity.

Then let the exercise in order to lose that baby weight begin! One surefire way to do that is to take your baby on vigorous stroller walks. You don’t even have to walk so fast you’re gasping for air. Just walk quickly enough to get your heart pumping and get those calories burning. Try to schedule in this stroller walk for twenty-six to thirty minutes each time, three times a week and you’ll see how easy it is to lose baby weight in 2 months. When your baby is six months old, you can begin to look into jogging strollers so that you can go from walking to running. You do want to be a fit mommy, right?

do yoga together with your babyMany gyms now have professionally run daycare areas for parents who want to be able to work out, but have their kids to take care of. That means you have no excuse not to get to the gym and use their amenities. The fewer excuses you have to not work out, the better off you’ll be and weight loss after pregnancy won’t seem so hard to achieve.

Investing in a piece of equipment can help you keep track of your heart rate and the number of steps you take in a day. Heart rate and step count are actually two great pieces of data to keep in mind and try to exceed each day or week. It’s kind of the least you can do when it comes to exercising actually.

Finally, try to schedule Yoga or Pilates once a week. Most gyms and many community centers will offer classes at a variety of different times during the week. Some will even offer mommy and me versions! Yoga is particularly great for new mothers to practice. This is because stress is the enemy of quick weight loss – and you’ll get to know other fit mommies.

The more serene and calm you feel, the easier it will be to lose baby weight in 2 months. It will also have the benefit of keeping you on an even keel when your life is more hectic and stressful than ever due to the arrival of the new baby!

How To Lose Baby Weight In 2 Months: Diet Plan Ideas

easy diet plan to lose baby weight in 2 monthsWhat you eat is just as important as how you exercise when it comes to reaching your goal of losing weight after giving birth. First of all, your baby is going to be demanding a lot of your time and energy. You want to make sure that you’re not depriving yourself of the basic nutrients and calories that you need to function. That’s where eating smart comes in.

Avoid sugary foods and refined carbs at any cost! Not only will you crash later, but those calories are also hard to shake off. That’s the relatively easy part of dieting, right? Just remember to allow yourself a cheat once a week where you eat one thing you crave but shouldn’t have. It will make the rest of the week much easier. Also, if you must have bread, make sure it’s whole wheat.

Need some examples of meals and when to have them, so you can lose baby weight in 2 months?


  • Porridge sprinkled with berries and a glass of skim milk.
  • Low sugar cereal and skim milk.
  • Fruit salad.


  • Plain turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, a glass of water, and a banana.
  • Salad with light dressing on the side. You can then dip your fork into the dressing with each bite of speared salad.
  • Bagel with low fat cream cheese and an orange on the side.


  • Grilled white fish with asparagus and cucumbers.
  • Fist sized steak with baked sweet potato.
  • Hamburger on whole wheat bun and low fat sauce, pickle on the side.

Approved Snacks

  • Cup of any fruit you like.
  • Vegetable medley (raw carrots, cucumbers, celery, and cherry tomatoes).
  • Whole wheat bread with honey and lightly sprinkled cinnamon on top.

The key thing to remember is to keep it low fat, whole grain, and low sugar in order to lose baby weight in 2 months. It’s really a great way to eat in general. Including more fruits and vegetables will help keep you and your family healthy, as well as thin. Combine that with exercise and you’ll be fitting into your pre-baby jeans before you know it. You don’t need a personal trainer just because celebrities often employ them. You can lose the weight you’ve gained from pregnancy in 2 months by making these simple choices.

Do any of you fit mommies have ‘tried and true’ methods of how you’ve managed your weight loss after pregnancy?

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