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lifestyle changes after baby

So You’re Somebody’s Mommy, What Now? Lifestyle Changes After Having A Baby

Lifestyle changes after baby happen both slowly and immediately – and before you realize, you’re asking yourself “Who am I?”  There’s a whole lot that changes in many aspects of your lifestyle. Your new mommy role will be the most difficult, but rewarding one yet, and you will discover that you’re a whole new and different person. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a complete surprise, by the time the baby arrives, you would be ready to be a mommy, or so you thought.

Despite all the advice you may have received, all the research and planning you may have done, there will be things that will happen – things you won’t be able to anticipate. Life after baby will never again be the same as you knew it.

less pleasant lifestyle changes after baby include fatigue

Lifestyle Changes After Baby

Your daily routine shall not be the same ever again. Now your focus is to keep your baby happy. You have to ensure that his/her needs are met and that you both make it to the end of the day alive. You will establish a routine for you and your baby and if you don’t, God help you! Your life will become a series of hours, how many hours till your baby’s next feeding, how many hours has he slept, how many hours of sleep did you get?

You become more organized, by force, as you must keep track of every detail to stay on top of things. Your schedule depends on your baby; baby first, you last. So whatever activity or event you want to plan, you must take your baby into consideration first and your mind will automatically go there first anyway.

young mom having a drink with friends

Post-Pregnancy Social Life

If you’re a new mom, you may be wondering what these lifestyle changes after baby are. Well, for the most part, your life will primarily be about taking care of your baby’s needs; feeding, bathing, burping and changing diapers. Once you get the hang of this new routine, however, and if you remember how to speak to adults, at some point you can regain some semblance of a social life.

In comparison to your pre-pregnancy days, your social life will be quite different. The things you used to do, you may not be able to do anymore because you’re tired. So you may very well squeeze your new extra curvaceous body into that little black dress for a girl’s night out. However, it’s likely that one of two things will happen.

You may find yourself yawning and craving a nap an hour into the outing or you may very well stay awake (miracles) but spend the time thinking or talking about your baby and showing photos of them (party pooper). Your post-pregnancy social life may evolve into social activities that are for shorter periods and end earlier (senior citizen style). Another post-pregnancy social life change that will no doubt occur is the lack of spontaneous activities. Gone will be the days when your friend would say, “Hey girl what are you up to? I’m coming to get you in 5 minutes, let’s go there”.

You know why? Because you will require at least 24 hours’ notice to make any changes to your new regime. There are new things to consider before you can get up and go. There’s packing up a baby bag with all the supplies needed plus extra. There’s figuring out how, when, where will you change diapers, feed or put your baby to sleep. Then there’s planning for making up the time lost, there may be trying to pin down a babysitter and let’s not forget, trying to find something decent to wear that’s not stained with baby food and that can actually fit.

friends having a dinner party

Relationship With Friends and Family as a New Mom

Some of the gradual lifestyle changes after baby might affect your relationships with friends and family. You may find yourself slowly worming your way into the “mommies club” as you will have a lot more in common with fellow moms than with your friends with no kids. Having less in common with your childless friends can also create some distance between you. Sometimes, some friends will fade away as you have less time to dedicate to maintaining a friendship.

Your priorities will shift when you become a mother. This may lead to a shift in the dynamics of your friendships. So while you found your best friend’s childish shenanigans fun or funny pre-baby, she may start to get on your nerves now that your life has changed direction.

When it comes to family, you may draw closer to them. Often times having children brings families closer together and strengthens the bond. You will feel the urge to reach out to a family member you haven’t had the best relationship with. Why? Because now you’re a new woman. You are a better woman and you want to make things right for your baby’s sake. Of course, the negative side of that is always a possibility.

The stress of being a new parent, mixed with the strain of a relationship, whether with your spouse or family, can make for one colossal explosive grenade. With your new mommy state of mind and positive lifestyle changes after baby, you may want to conclude a draining relationship once and for all. This will help you to put more focus on your relationship with your child.

mom kissing her baby

Changes To Your Mindset

Your brain will function differently as a result of these lifestyle changes after baby. Initially, the hormonal imbalances going on in your body will affect the way you think. There may be periods of crazy, but that is almost expected. There are other more permanent changes to the way you think that ultimately affect your lifestyle and the people around you.

You will become more loving, caring, affectionate and softer. Your spouse will definitely benefit from this new you unless the baby is the only one on the receiving end. In this case, your partner may get jealous and feel that you neglect him/her. Furthermore, you will become a more compassionate person and also a momma bear – the ultimate protector and will kill for your baby.

You will feel more confident and empowered as a woman, as you witnessed and experienced firsthand, what you helped create. Now you have the responsibility of nurturing and raising another human. Another change that you will notice as you journey along with motherhood, is appreciation and recognition for your own parents. Now you will finally understand what they really have done for you and why.

There are many moments that will totally blow you away when you become a mother. You could never have fathomed them happening in a million years, but most of the lifestyle changes after baby will be absolutely fulfilling.

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