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take care of your emotional health during pregnancy

Emotional Health During Pregnancy – A Woman’s Guide To Staying Sane In A Crazy Time

Many people think women are emotionally unstable in general, because we tend to be complicated, emotional creatures. Add a pregnancy to that equation and it’s a whole different ball game. All the hormonal, chemical and psychological changes can take a toll on a woman’s emotional health during pregnancy. It’s therefore important that women are informed about the reality of how fragile their mental state can be during the 9 months period and know what can be done to avoid going over the edge.

Some women worry so much about their bodies during their pregnancies, that they often don’t pay enough attention to their minds. Mental health is just as vital for a healthy pregnancy and baby, as physical health is. Understandably, there is a lot going on physically, more weight and demands from a growing baby, equals more strain on the body, but also the mind – especially on the mind!

Good Emotional Health During Pregnancy Starts With Your Mental State

pregnancy mood swings and depressionMost gestating women experience pregnancy mood swings, forgetfulness and general confusion of thoughts. This does not mean they’re crazy! It’s just that the surge of hormones that facilitates a baby’s growth and development inside the womb, also creates imbalances in the brain and affects the way it operates.

Pregnant women often ride a constant roller-coaster of emotions. One minute they are elated at the prospect of becoming a mom, the next they’ll be sobbing and not even know the real reason why. They may feel stressed out and overwhelmed, trying to balance the other aspects of their lives or are unsure about the next step.

Then there is anxiety about weight loss after pregnancy that a lot of women experience. They find themselves constantly worrying about how and if they will lose their baby weight – maybe you are too. There is so much happening beneath the surface, that if you’re not mindful, it can overshadow the miracle that’s occurring and take away from the joys that pregnancy is supposed to bring.

Be more mindful about your emotional health during pregnancy and take things step by step. There will be a time to lose baby weight as well and you’re going to do it and boast about it, don’t you worry!

Keep Your Emotions In Check

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy mind throughout a pregnancy. Because the mind does influence the body’s functions, catering to your emotional well-being will help you to feel better. Good emotional health during pregnancy also benefits the people around you by fostering healthier relationships, because nobody wants to be around a cranky, miserable, emotionally unstable, pregnant woman for very long.

If you keep a healthy mental state and do everything in your power to facilitate this, you will be more likely to enjoy your pregnancy and your new life with your new baby.

Awareness & Prevention

Keeping your mind in check requires conscious effort. One of the first things you must accomplish is a significant reductioLet go of stress during pregnancyn of emotional stress during pregnancy.

Be aware of the things that trigger your stress and eliminate, avoid or find other ways to cope with the situations. Finding different outlets to reduce stress is a good way to reduce it overall. It’s one of the ways to improve your emotional health during pregnancy.

Get those pent up frustrations out, do something active, find a hobby that calms you, it could be anything from yoga during pregnancy, knitting, singing, or painting. Anything that makes you feel good, really!

Keep in mind that your pregnancy hormones do heavily influence your reactions to situations. Store that bit of information in your front pocket and take a deep breath or pause before you respond if you’re feeling stressed.

Knowing When To Seek Help

psychotherapy helps to improve your emotional health during pregnancyBeing conscious about your mental state is knowing when things are getting out of control and you may need to reach out to someone. Psychological changes during pregnancy are expected but sometimes, those changes can take a turn for the worst.

Mood swings are quite normal, but if you’re struggling from day to day with managing your emotional health during pregnancy, or feeling down and out so often that it starts to seriously affect your life and your ability to function normally, you may be experiencing depression.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to speak to someone you are comfortable with or seek professional help. Many women go through the same problems and get the help they need by seeing a psychotherapist once a week. Psychotherapy exists to make you feel and function better.

Real Tips For Reducing Emotional Stress During Pregnancy

1. Be Kind To Yourself – You may be unsure about your skills as a mother or experience anxiety about weight loss after pregnancy, but you will get the hang it. Nobody is an expert and the baby weight will come right off, if you do the right combination of things during and after your pregnancy. Caring for your emotional health during pregnancy is all about taking time for yourself and doing things that you enjoy.

2. Stay Active – Try to exercise as much as you can, along with paying attention to your diet. Getting enough sleep, though it may be a challenge, is also vital for the health of your mind and body.

3. Get Your A-Team Together – You will need a solid support system of friends, relatives and medical professionals to share experiences, advice and information. Your A-Team will help to take care of you and make you feel secure in times of uncertainty. Consider seeing a professional! Psychotherapy during pregnancy works wonders.

4. Organize Your Life – There’s already a lot of confusion happening on the inside, like the unexplained pregnancy mood swings that can strike at any time. Those things are more or less beyond your control. You can, however, reduce the confusion going on externally, so you can properly function.

You may need a notepad to write things down, as you will no longer be able to rely on your memory. Maintain a ‘to-do’ list consistently, to keep yourself on track and organized. It is also recommended that you avoid carrying out major life changing things like moving, changing your job and planning major events while pregnant. What you need is a stable environment and as little chaos as possible.

Emotional health during pregnancy is no laughing matter. The frequent ups and downs of your emotions can and will make you feel insane at times. Navigating this unstable period can be tricky, as the mind is one of the hardest things to control. Armed with the awareness of the psychological changes that occur during pregnancy and the necessary skills to cope with them, you can become a new mommy with your sanity intact.

Fit mommies are also balanced, confident and reliable, not just good-looking women! Try the guided meditation below and let your anxiety vanish into thin air.

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