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Postpartum Weight Loss – A Realistic Approach & Efficient Tips

Sporty mom holding her baby

You just gave birth to a wonderful baby! Congrats! And although this implies having enough on your plate, a simple reality check tells you this is not true. Partially naked model bodies in the magazines, toned figures on TV, friends chatting about diets and the ideal silhouette. Above all, your favorite dress is banished in the closet because it seems ...

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The Fit Mommies Guide – Best Exercise To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy

The right and healthy way to become a fit mommy after your baby is born and reclaim your body is to maintain some level of fitness during your pregnancy. That would be the ideal situation. But let’s say you really didn’t have the fortitude to do all of that, nine months have passed by rather quickly, you’ve gained quite a ...

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Body After Baby – Using Exercise & Calories To Lose Weight

A smiling, young woman eating a colorful salad.

Bringing a baby into the world is a process nine months into the making and your body has transformed itself during that time. It’s not uncommon to be dissatisfied with how you look just after you’ve given birth. A lot of women report feeling uncomfortable in their bodies and feel like none of their clothes fit them the way they ...

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