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Body After Baby – Using Exercise & Calories To Lose Weight

Bringing a baby into the world is a process nine months into the making and your body has transformed itself during that time. It’s not uncommon to be dissatisfied with how you look just after you’ve given birth. A lot of women report feeling uncomfortable in their bodies and feel like none of their clothes fit them the way they would like. But counting calories to lose weight? Could it work?

It’s okay to worry about the way your body looks after nine months of an expanding waistline. We’ve all been there. Want some good news? Your body will end up losing around ten pounds in the time immediately after you give birth! Losing the rest will take time and effort but you can do it with the next few tips!

Calories To Lose Weight

counting calories to lose weight after pregnancyStudies have shown that there’s a link between the amounts of weight loss after giving birth and how long you end up breastfeeding. It’s a myth though that you need to eat more calories when you’re breastfeeding.

The main thing you need to keep track of is that you’re eating a diet full of vitamins and nutrients, which is what the baby will need to get from your milk supply.

A diet full of fruits and vegetables is definitely the way to go. Don’t go overboard on restricting calories though. You don’t need to be weakened when you’ll need more energy than ever, so there really is no need to count calories to lose weight.

Now, there’s the question about when you should start dieting. Most experts advise new mothers to wait six weeks after birth to begin their after pregnancy diet. That way you’ll have your doctor’s checkup and they can help you decide on the healthiest way to lose the amount of weight you want to lose.

In fact, if you’re breastfeeding, doctors want you to wait until the baby is two months old. Starting the postpartum diet any sooner can delay your body’s recovery from giving birth and when you’ve got a new baby in the house, you need all the energy you can get. In the meantime, just make sure what you do eat is nutritious.

The minimum calories you should be eating in a day round out to about 1,200. If you find your self losing more than a pound and a half a week, especially if you’re breastfeeding, you need to dial it back a bit by eating a bit more. Try dividing your meals into five or six little meals throughout the day.

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Exercise For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Don’t go full tilt into an exercise routine immediately after giving birth, though you’ll probably not feel like it either! Give yourself a break and get back into fitness as gently as possible by starting with a small goal of so many steps taken in a day. You might even want to get a fitness tracker, though some cell phones will track steps as well, not to mention that they also count the calories to lose weight.

Aerobics can wait until after your first baby checkup. In the meantime, a good baby stroller can enable you to take your newborn with you as you walk. You might even find they’ll fall asleep easier if the motion of the stroller lulls them to sleep! Worried about that post-baby pooch? Focus on cardio and core workouts to reduce problem areas.

Watch the video below for some great fat burning exercises. Remember, you don’t have to force yourself. Take it step by step and in a week or so, you’ll be able to do all exercises.

No matter how much weight you want to lose after giving birth, mothers who have been there before can be a great source of wisdom on the matter. They’ll be able to tell you what worked for them in their postpartum weight loss plan, from cutting calories to lose weight to ‘baby and me’ exercise routines. So how about it, fit mommies, both new and experienced, what are your tips for losing weight after pregnancy?

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