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best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy

The Fit Mommies Guide – Best Exercise To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

The right and healthy way to become a fit mommy after your baby is born and reclaim your body is to maintain some level of fitness during your pregnancy. That would be the ideal situation. But let’s say you really didn’t have the fortitude to do all of that, nine months have passed by rather quickly, you’ve gained quite a bit of baby weight and your fitness level has taken a turn for the worst. What do you do then? There is hope, you just have to get moving and discover the best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy.

Set Yourself Up For Weight Loss Success

do your post pregnancy workout with your babyThe best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy includes a plan of action that is manageable and sustainable for your new state of affairs, which is having just given birth. You should be ready to start a workout plan within 6 to 8 weeks of delivery.

This may be longer if you’ve had a Cesarean. You may be Super Mommy but you’re not Iron Woman, so pace yourself. To maximize the bonding time with your baby and because your time alone will be limited, it’s important to include your baby in your exercise plans.

You have to make time to fit in an effective post-pregnancy workout and make it doable, so you have the greatest chances of success. Start slowly by doing light exercises, like going for a stroll outside, a minimum of 30 minutes, 3-5 days per week. Take your baby with you, he/she will love it. Pushing a stroller 1 or 2 miles can burn about 150 calories.

If you have stairs, you can walk up and down those for 15 minutes and burn just as many calories. Turn on some music and dance with your baby. The best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy is about having fun as well. This is a light cardio exercise for weight loss after delivery, that will help you to break a sweat while relieving stress. You can dance with your baby in hand or place him/her in a bouncy seat or swing and entertain them while you burn calories.

Build Your Fit Mommy Muscles

play with your baby while you work outYou can strengthen your muscles, tone, and define your body with weight training. Your baby can provide excellent resistance for muscle building, so you don’t have to schedule any gym time. Good exercises to lose weight include doing lunges and squats while pushing your baby in the stroller to maximize your workout.

You can also hold your baby to your chest and do lunges and squats or lay on your back and lift your baby above you, like a reverse push-up. The little one will love it! You have to get creative if you want to squeeze in a productive exercise session where and when you can. When you’re a new mommy because you have several new factors working against you and your time is very precious.

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight After Pregnancy? Make Love Instead Of Eating Dinner!

Exercise for weight loss after delivery can benefit daddy as well. You must exercise your kegel muscles, down there, to tone your pelvic muscles, which relaxed quite a bit during childbirth. Contract and relax your kegel muscles, holding for ten seconds each time. Do three or more repetitions per day. Your doctor will clear you for sexual activity about 6 weeks post-birth.

So if you’re ready to get back into the swing of things with your hubby, go right ahead. After all, it’s the best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy anyone could think of!

You will have to ease back into it slowly because your body has undergone significant changes since the last time you were sexually active with your partner. So whenever you can squeeze the time in, you should indulge. Include a lovemaking session every so often, if possible. It’s not only one of the most fun exercises to lose baby weight but you can burn up to 144 calories and your hubby will be sure to support you all the way.

Join A Fit Mommies Army

Getting support from other moms is a good idea, as you have lots of things in common and can keep each other motivated. Most new moms have interest in getting their post-baby body back on track as quick as possible, so join a little fit mommies army, a support group, where you plan exercises together, check in on each other, inspire each other, share tips, stories and successes on weight loss after pregnancy – no woman left behind! This will only increase your chances of achieving your after delivery fitness goals.

Yoga – For Mind & Body

There’s a lot going on in the mind and body when you’re a new mommy. Your brain is most likely overactive with all the new things to think about and get done. The body is also under immense pressure, with hormones rushing through and a lot less balance and flexibility. Yoga is one of those exercises to lose baby weight, build muscle strength, increase flexibility, and relax your mind. 10 – 20 minutes of yoga per day, is a good mark to aim for.

Do what you physically can manage, that will be good enough. A good starting point would be to do some quick research on the best yoga workouts for new moms – so check out the video below and try the exercise. There are many types of yoga workouts targeted specifically for mothers; you will just have to select the ones that interest you the most or are best for your stage of fitness. Yoga exercises to lose baby weight offer moms gentle, gradual workouts to get back into shape and finding much needed inner calm and peace.

The best exercise to lose weight after pregnancy depends on what works for you. Finding the time to exercise, will, no doubt, be a challenge. There are hormones and emotions to contend with, which may be a barrier to finding the inspiration to get off the couch or out of bed.

Some days you may very well be too tired to complete a workout, but that is expected, as you have a very busy schedule and limited time for yourself. It’s important, however, that you keep going, don’t let one ‘off day’ derail your fitness plans. Dig deep and find that inner strength, seek help if you must.

Remember, exercise is important, not only for getting your post-baby body in shape but also for improving the emotional energy you need to give the best care to your new baby. Healthy, fit mommies – happy babies!

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